If you need more information about, click the next button. Book now DOWNLOAD THE ITINERARY: From O Cebreiro to French Way Santiago, an apostle of Christ, known for Baanerges (Son of Thunder), preached in Spain following the mandates, (It is said that during his stay there, he had appeared the Virgin on the banks of the Ebro River). Then he returned to Palestine where he was beheaded by Herod Agrippa (42 AD) being the first apostle martyred because of their faith. His disciples embarked his body and sailed to Galicia, burying him in a place where later the Cathedral of Santiago, which became a place of worship and pilgrimage for Christianity was built. In 859 (during the Arab occupation Spain) a small Christian army was entrusted to the Holy before going into battle and defeated a large Arab army formed by thousands of men. Since then St. James became the…

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