About us

We are a company with 10 years of experience in the equestrian tourism sector in Mexico. The company is directed by Adriana Real who represents for Mexico the World Organization of Equestrian Tourism.

The concern of man about its effects on nature is increasingly widespread and in tourism activity important changes are being promoted, which have led to its being perceived as an element that can contribute to the revaluation of nature and culture, since the tourist has been sensitized and is looking for closer relations with their environment, trying to visit sites with a high degree of conservation and authentic places, with their own identity, where they can carry out activities that allow them to have a greater knowledge of the villages you visit through greater contact with your hosts.

Equestrian tourism allows the rider to interact differently with nature and landscapes, while offering a new and ecological way of developing tourism promotion in the unconventional region so far.
Countries such as France and Great Britain have developed this tourist product with great success both locally and internationally, triggering an impulse for economic development of their territories, as well as the level of acceptance by an increasing number of users.
These experiences show that, despite being a very specialized type of tourism, it is a feasible and successful proposal in territories with optimal conditions.

What is a ride?
• They are horseback riding in natural areas.
• The main objective is: the experience of riding and knowing about the handling and habits of animals.
• The purpose: Know and interact with the culture, traditions and customs of the residents as well as learn from the history of the place, species that cohabit in the area and its preservation.


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