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Lagos de Moreno Jalisco


Explore the historic haciendas of Jalisco Moreno Valley riding through the culture of indigenous groups zacatecos and guachichiles and visiting the places where passages of the Mexican Revolution occurred. 10 farms will ride visiting the area. Experience firsthand staying on the farms visited.


Route Lagos de Moreno Jalisco.

Have the opportunity to ride through the canyons and mountains delAntiguo Camino Real that was used in the past to trade the zona.Seguiremos the road along the banks of rivers. MéxicoSus explore the authentic traditions, history, cuisine and culture tell us the owners of the haciendasvisitadas with hospitality characteristic of Mexicans.


Holidays & Horseback Adventures

Cavalcades Haciendas in Lakes Moreno Jalisco Mexico

Day 1

Arrive to airport pick up and

Transfer to Hotel Hacienda Sepulveda & SPA, check in, to guide the Hotel to Know This hacienda.

Free Day, rest and enjoy in the swimming pool, Jacuzzi hot tube, hiking, biking and mountains in the SPA

Diner in the Mamalena Restaurant.

Night in Hacienda Sepulveda

day 2

Breakfast in the front garden.

Transfer by car to Hacienda Jaramillo,

We will saddle the horses, and then a Ride to Sierra de Comanja, ride to the heights of the Sierra de Comanja, ascending the mountains, with nice views, after 3 hours arrive to the former miner Village of Comanja of Corona, were we will ride along the town we will visit a famous very horse trainer call «Machin» in this small town, I have dancing horses will be a good experience to Meet with this friendly horse lover, I will offer us the lunch in His restaurant Hacienda Los Caballos , order of the menu what please you, after lunch Machin will show us the horses I have is training and hopefully we can give us a demonstration, after lunch we will continue riding

Hacienda towards La Ferreria, a very old Farreiry Were They Made the cancels of Iron and Steel for the Lagos manor houses, and churches.

They have beautiful gardens and esta hacienda, we will stay this night in Hacienda La Ferreria esta.

day 3

Breakfast in Restaurant Hacienda Los Caballos

Saddle horses ride and to Comanja Viejo, visit this ghost town, none lives here any more, amazing to visit the first Settled mining town in 1531, visit the coin house, the cemetery, the old municipality, and the first houses, and Also there is a mine you can go in and visit.

Lunch In This nice place.

After lunch ride to echological, a very nice hotel located in the Mountains, Has Its SPA, Temazcal, a sauna, a small pound were you can fish, hike or climb a small rocky formation it’s in front of the hotel

Diner in the restaurant,

We will spend the night in echological

day 4

Breakfast in echological

Ride to the high Sierra de Lobos, the landscape changes, big pines and oaks you will see in the path, nice trail climbing the mountains and a nice view of the Comanja Valley

Box lunch in the Sierra and the continue riding back to echological

Free evening.

Dinner in echological

Day 5

Breakfast in echological

Today we will continue riding in the Sierra (Mountains) from Ecological Hotel we will ride to the town of Comanja, And Then continue to ride with an spectacular views of the high mountains, passing a reservoir, you will be able to see an amazing view of the mountains of the Sierra high (the high sierra) after riding along a road we will Have the opportunity to canter in some parts of the road, then a we will ride cross country in a narrow trail rocky, very interesting it’s Also to see how the vegetation is changing, more cactus, in some parts the adventure Have the horses to go along some small rocks and going down to creeks, we will see the reservoir of La Sauceda,

we will continue riding all the way about 4 hours Total and arrive to Hacienda San Bernardo Where a cold beer and a excellent tequila will be there for us to refresh, we will have a homemade lunch, specialties From this Hacienda,

After lunch visit the Hacienda and the corrals, stables, This hacienda it’s a cattle ranch.

Also has esta call trojes big old barn.

Free evening for resting


Night in Hacienda San Bernardo

Day 6

Breakfast in the Hacienda San Bernardo

We will ride thorough La Sauceda reservoir, Then continue riding we will pass a small village Where we can stop for a cold beer or a soda, we will cross the main road and continue in the path of Arrieros, we will pass by Hacienda La Galera , and then a pass The Tlacualeche reservoir after continue riding Besides the Canal, we will see Hacienda La Troje were we can stop to visit this Hacienda, and after continue riding along to fields corn, we will pass by Hacienda Sanfandila, and finally arrive to San Cirilo.

San Cirilo is the Hacienda of Pancho and Lena, our professional guides, This couple are 100% related to horses They have this Equestrian Center, Where Pancho and Lena can show us Natural Horsemanship, roping, and some Recommendations of them are worthier in order to Improve our way of riding, will prepare special They diner for us.

They will show us Their workshop Where They do handmade Chaps, Belts, covers and Saddles. esta handmade technique it’s not used by many people Because the detail work You have to put on to every piece you made, This art craft ITS worthed to see, and know the local famous artist esta.

Night in San Cirilo

Day 7

Breakfast in the Hacienda San Cirilo

Load the horses in the trailer and drive 35 min

Today we will ride in Sabindas Ranch a huge ranch With lots of adventures, Were Mr Ernesto Serrano the owner will give us a warm welcome, we will continue riding In This spectacular ranch, with nice trails, cross country we will visit the dam of sabindas , after a couple more hours riding we will get back to the ranch and have a superb lunch, Ernesto normally cooks and give our riders the best of the culinary experience of the Mexican BBQ

After lunch upload the horses in the trailer and drive back to Hacienda San Cirilo.

Day 8

A Rancher Breakfast will be served, then a saddle horses to ride from San Cirilo And Then continue riding along drovers roads, we will pass by Hacienda Sanfandila and see it while we ride esta hacienda Besides, Then continue riding towards Hacienda San Cayetano

Ride to The Canyon of the Alcazar, cross country ride with lots of adventures ascending and descending the hills Then riding through the Canyon, we will see the cows and bulls

in the evening, after a snack with a good beer, wine or Tequila, Pita will show us About the Equinotherapy, has she Been doing this for the last 20 years, it’s interesting to know more about it and more Because anyone can take a therapy ,

pass a good time with this friendly family enjoying listen to music while the ambience of the hacienda.

Get back to the horses we are almost finishing Because our holiday, so after 1:30 min riding arrive in Hacienda Sepulveda

Check in.

Farewell dinner in the Corral, or Mexican restaurant with a special dinner.

Night in Hotel Hacienda Sepulveda

Day 9

Breakfast in Hacienda Sepulveda

Enjoy the morning in esta Hacienda, award WHO has-been to be one of the best Hotel Hacienda’s in Mexico by Travel & Leisure magazine,

Transfer to the airport




Reception at the Airport Leon (LEN) -Aguascalientes (AGU) Guadalajara (GDL) Extra Cost.

Arrival at the Hotel Hacienda Sepulveda.

Food will be served in the «Mamalena» restaurant and then tour the Hacienda.

Selection of horses and saddles.

Monta cut by around the Hacienda, to go to the horse mating, and then continue to the Rancho El Monte pass by the old curtain of the dam «Alfonso Serrano» and continue along the pasture called Sabana Africana.

We pass through the forest Mezquites to return to the Treasury.

2 to 4 hours of riding.

At night a cold beer or tequila house in the Alipuz Bar.

Typical dinner in the restaurant.


Rancher lunch at the restaurant «Mamalena»

Saddling the horses to start to ride, ride through the Rio Lagos following an old road heavily wooded and after 2 hours we arrive at the Hacienda San Cayetano.

To reach this hacienda the hosts we receive and we will show this Hacienda which is an equestrian center

PICNIC at the ranch.

In the afternoon 2-hour ride through the old Camino Real and around the Hacienda

Hotel and dinner at the Hacienda Sepulveda.


Breakfast at Hacienda Sepulveda.

Saddled the horses to start the ride, we will Alfalfa and corn crops and continue to reach Hacienda Sepulveda.

Lunch at the Restaurant Mamalena

Return and exit.

It includes:

Accommodation in a double room, food (2 dinners, 3 breakfasts and 2 lunches), Equestrian Guide, horses and riding equipment (Not included: Alcoholic drinks, gratuities and taxes).

Use of facilities: Pool, Jacuzzi, reading area, terraces and gardens.


Transfer to the airport in Leon (LEN), Aguascalientes (AGU) and Guadalajara (GDL) to the haciendas extra cost.

SPA services available in Hacienda Sepúlveda.

Alcoholic drinks

City tour to Lagos de Moreno


Guided tours to the magical town of Lagos de Moreno are offered by professional guides who will show the most representative. You decide you want to know and we will gladly accompany.

Places to visit

Visit the magical town of Lagos de Moreno

I visit the Temple of Calvary built in 1885 with architecture similar to the Basilica in Rome. This temple representative of Lakes Moreno.

Refuge Church Building 1833. With Neoclassical facade adorned with two towers and a dome.

Parish Light. Built in stone at the end of the nineteenth century. To see two chapels entering one for the Virgin of Guadalupe and other Nicolas de Bari.

among many others will also visit the Temple precincts neoclassic and former Convent of Mercy Temple of the Rosary of the eighteenth century, under this building lie the remains of the poet José Rosas Moreno.

La Quinta Rincon Gallardo of the XIX century. One of the most prominent families in the area. Finally we visit the Teatro José Rojas Moreno end of the nineteenth century neoclassical façade with two levels, decorated with elegant balconies and chandeliers artnouveau.


If you visit Lagos de Moreno on January 29 you will witness the Feast of Arcos, tradition over 300 years, in which a large pilgrimage and solemn ceremony in honor of the miraculous image of the Candelaria is performed.

Celebrations of San hemión held from 20 to 29 February are a magnificent event you can not miss in Lagos de Moreno. Be part of the processions and masses crowded in honor of the saint. It also foresees the shows of fireworks and religious crafts sold to visitors.

Schedule your visit to Lagos de Moreno the second half of March to participate in the Cultural Festival, which includes entertaining lectures, exhibitions, plays and musical events with renowned artists.

Another representative of Lagos de Moreno celebration is the Feast of the Father Jesus of Calvary, held the last week of July and first of August. In these festivities you will see besides the religious rites, traditional mañanitas performed by local musicians, dances in honor of the patron of the town and buy souvenirs or Mexican antojito in positions placed around the temple.

Do not miss the Fall Festival organized every year by the University of Guadalajara. You will be surprised with the incredible concerts jazz and rock, funny puppet shows and great plays. Events are held in the cultural center and public places around Lagos de Moreno from 12 to 31 October.




If you want to design your personal travel, please let us know.

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