Number of people minimum 6 riders, maximum 10 riders.
It will be taught in 5 days, in which the most relevant topics that will be examined during the Equestrian Tourism Guide Course will be given. The topics will be based on the certification agenda and the operation manuals that will be delivered at the clinic.
Later, when accrediting the course, your data will be included in the directory of Horsetrail Mexico certified guides.

● The Horsetrail Mexico Operation Manuals are delivered. (In Spanish).
● The clinic will be taught by the Certified Instructor CHA Salvador Montenegro Chibli.
● Diploma will be given to the participants, which accredits it as an Equestrian Tourism Guide. (After written, oral and field accredited exam)
● Route of the route during the course that will be certified during the clinic by Horsetrail Mexico.
● Supervision and advice for one year, only the per diems of the supervisors are charged.
● Inclusion of the Equestrian Route in the Horsetrail Mexico directory that is promoted to associates.

In “HORSETRAIL MEXICO” we are committed to fully comply with the requirements requested by you, for which we need to have the prior approval of this quotation in writing by resending this signed budget via email to adriana-real @ horsetrailmexicotours.tv

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